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During your service career, that decision to embark on a new challenge on 'civvy street' can be quite daunting for some and whilst the Careers Transition Partnership provide some support and assist in writing a standard CV, we understand that a successful transition and exemplary CV will take more time than in a 3 day transitional workshop.

Our unique DNA gives us 360 Insights into your circumstances, professionally and personally, whilst also ascertaining how we can assist you with engaging successfully with employers and businesses leading you to the career that you are most suited to and gives you stability and security.

Your 'life admin' is key to your success, by ensuring a solid life foundation beneath you through our Conduit Psychometrics, Neuro Linguistics, Professional Learning Development and our life skills service, you will be equipped with all the skills, knowledge and support you need to succeed.

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Our Conduit for Employers

Here at Conduit Engagement we offer an array of services for employers - regardless of size or turnover, to assist in ensuring that where suitable, veterans are considered equally alongside their non military peers, we do this by utilising psychometrics to profile the ideal candidate and the role, building assessment days or centres to ensure the very best "fit" for the role is assured, we offer ongoing coaching and support for any placed veteran and ongoing support for the employing organisation. Our Employers services are suitable for all potential recruitment and simply level the playing field for all candidates regardless of background, education, diversity and personality.

Organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of employing a veteran, at a time when recruitment agencies are overly reliant on applicant tracking systems and frequently failing to deliver the right person for the job, employing a veteran allows you to be ensured that you will find actual skill, discipline and commitment. In addition to these key behaviours, many veterans are 'natural born leaders' and are intrinsically team players whom are used to getting results in stressful situations. As members of HM Armed forces they'll also have received the most up-to-date training in their fields.

However, there are still large numbers of organisations whom have outdated stereotypes of "bruteforce" veterans which is compounded by a lack of understanding of the breadth of occupations and jobs that people hold in today's modern military - these misconceptions along with the raised awareness of post traumatic stress and suicide rates among veterans may lead employers to dismiss veterans as risky hires, when in fact, the opposite is the case.

For more information of how we may be able to assist you finding the very best candidates for your roles, please contact us.

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Conduit C.V. Services

Our Armed Forces can’t be beat for promoting discipline, organisation, and initiative in its recruits, not to mention complex technical skills. But in today’s ultra competitive market, even seasoned veterans can feel frustrated when trying to translate their experience into the buzzwords hiring managers expect or hitting the right keywords to get their C.V.s noticed. We work to develop a personal relationship with you that is designed to develop a resume that emphasises your skills and experience to get you noticed by an employer. From diverse career transitions to job promotions, we can help you move in the right direction, with the right resume. You have something to offer employers and we help to bring that out in our superb resumes, cover letters and follow-up letters.

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I cannot thank Conduit Engagement enough for pursuing employment for myself, not only did they revamp my CV to be more inviting to employees but also secured an interview for me yesterday on which I was successful!!! They went above and beyond, in my opinion my success is due to the perseverance and dedication they invested in me. A huge thank you from me. Much appreciated.

John McG**** / HM Forces Veteran
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