So much more than a recruitment service

For Veterans:  At Conduit Engagement our drive is to support all veterans, whom for queen and country, have put their lives on the line for all of us. So – we focus on veterans, supporting them in their transition from military life to civvy street when they need it, ensuring the new career path they choose to take has a solid foundation beneath them. Whatever challenges that they face, we are there every step of the way, helping candidates develop a C.V, covering letter and Personal Development Plan to ensure that they are positioning themselves with the employers in a way which delivers their personality and skills which makes sense to civilian employers.

For Employers: Increasingly, employers are acknowledging the advantages to employing a veteran, from their experience of “mission accomplishment” culture to the ingrained work approach and ethic.  However there are alos concerns from businesses too.  Here at Conduit Engagement we acknowledge and understand both points of views, so our unique engagement with potential employers does not end when a veteran is taken on – our employer and employee support continues whilst the veteran is employed.

Entrepreneurs: We also offer Small Business and Start-Up mentoring for veterans whom would like to own their own business and build the business into a success.  Our Mentors are SFEDi accredited and are experienced in running their own, successful businesses.


We don’t “Sheep-dip” – We understand individuality. We are not in the business of recruiting by a scattergun approach – there are no generic, anonymous job boards here, we are committed to ensuring that each engagement is tailored to deliver success for each individual circumstance and environment.


Veterans will know exactly what we mean when we use this to describe our approach.  Put simply, we engage on a personal level.  We know that we need to earn trust – which we do by communicating in a consitant and transparent manner, we are not a recruiting sales organisation, we are your conduit to success!

Here at Conduit Enagagement we belive in “deep diving” when getting to know our veterans.  We do this by face to face engagement and personality profiling.  This allows us to build an accurate picture of your circumstances, personality and career suitability.  For employers we are able to design and deliver assessment centres and days, assist in delivering an accurate job description, creating a profile of an ideal candidate.  Finally we can offer interview assistance and indepth support after employment commences.

At Conduit Engagement we offer an integrated recruitment and transition support program to wrap around the veteran and their family and offer a full range of psychological, family and community inclusion, and educational and employment ready services. Our unique coaching and assistance services ensure that each veteran is ready for employment on ‘civvy street’ with a CV which matches the very best design and ATS software compliance.

While there are many issues that make it difficult for veterans to reintegrate back into the community it is clear that the key issue is around the process of transition from military life back into the civilian community and how each individual feels equipped to face the challenges of Civvy Street.

The transition journey is frustrating and often stressful for veterans as they leave behind their unit, their community, and their job. For many, the journey of transition provokes and contributes to family relationship break down and compounds mental and physical health and wellbeing issues. Transition does not just mean leaving the armed services, it can be a lifelong process of re-integration back into everyday, civilian society.

The transition journey is unique to each veteran. Here at Conduit Engagement, we continue the process commenced by the Career Transition Partnership and deliver a dynamic and complex process ensuring an agile service delivery capable of responding to unexpected and sometimes critical circumstances.

A critical component of the transition journey is productive and purposeful employment resulting in a career. Conduit Engagement is committed to working with UK organisations, SME’s, the Department for Work and Pensions, the Government and other Service Organisations to create and deliver policies and programs that facilitate veteran friendly workplaces and are committed to assisting all organisations in pledging their support to the UK Armed Forces Covenant.

The incredible skills and expertise of our veterans are vastly underestimated by many organisations and we believe that through our work, not only will veterans benefit from realising their potential in new careers but UK businesses will significantly benefit from employing such personnel.

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