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A staggering number of psychometric assessments are now available, offering an insight into aspects such as your personality, emotional intelligence, aptitude, values, motivations, mental toughness, interpersonal relations, preferred team role and leadership style.

Our assessments can help you deepen your self-awareness and develop your personal skills — helping you become more effective in the workplace, at home and general life skills.

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Conduit Career Coaching is a powerful and essential resource for many Veterans. Transitioning to civilian life is both challenging, rewarding and yet often full of obstacles and roadblocks.

Our qualified Conduit Coach's can help you overcome these obstacles and manage the landscape much more effectively than if you were to attempt it on your own. Your final destination can be one of overwhelming success and joy when your journey is clearly defined.

Veterans come out of their transitional period in various capacities and with varying degrees of excitement, fear, joy, sadness, and even frustration. And yet – when that transition happens in an effective, purposeful way – it is the springboard for success!

Our Coaching has been developed for the recently retired, reservist, military spouse or partner, or the veteran who is changing careers. We do not merely look for careers in areas which you think are most suited to you or in areas in which you have some 'experience', we work with you to help you discover what areas you will excel in, what would give you most satisfaction and a career which most meets your personality.

More than just working to uncover next steps in personal and professional development, the Conduit coaching engagement is designed to tap into hidden potential and to build strategic plans for successful, sustainable foundations in your life and career.

Conduit Coaching Clients gain the following:

* Clarity in Career Goals

* Improved Interpersonal/communication skills

* Concise Career Roadmap

* Control of Personal Brand

* Improved Confidence

* Improved Decision-Making Skills

* Management of CV and Social Media Profiles

* Interviewing Expertise

* Improved goal setting

* Building of sustainable success

* Career alignment tools

* Understanding of Personal and Career Values

Conduit Coaching is not therapy or training. It is an experience of growth, guidance and empowerment using a mixture of coaching, mentoring, psychometrics, NLP and Cognitive Behavioural Development.

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Housing Support

If you need help with the daunting process of moving from a Service Families Accommodation or any other issue then get in touch, we have a vast network of Armed Forces Champions throughout the UK and we can also give you a full and in-depth insight to housing needs on civvy street.

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We understand that 'life admin' skills are not particularly needed whilst in service - Many household bills are already removed from pay, so after the transition to Civvy Street some individuals can be overwhelmed with the responsibility or complexities of household and financial management - and many veterans leave asking for assistance until the real damage has been done.

Engaging with us will result in open and honest support, mentoring, assistance and training without any comment or judgement

We have experienced this type of issue - let us help you overcome this obstacle to civvy street success!

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The UK military forces can’t be beat for promoting discipline, organisation, and leadership in its ranks, not to mention complex technical skills. we understand that as a military professional, you have proudly worn your CV on your chest and the C.V. provided in your transition may not be compelling, crisp and differentiated document that breaks away from the clutter of applications and catches the recruiters’ attention.

However we also understand that your C.V. is the first and most important transition tool in your armour, when transitioning to civvy street, and in today’s cut throat job market, even seasoned veterans can feel frustrated translating their experience into the buzzwords hiring managers expect.

Which is where we come in, unlike regular CV writing for the civilian population, when we write a CV for a veteran we take great care in highlighting the veteran’s special skills, training, and education while in the military and translate this in the everyday language of a civilian hiring manager.

We are proud to say we have amazing proof in our CV's placing veterans into +35K careers and that as a veteran of our majesty's armed forces, we place you at the forefront of importance, ensuring the next chapter in your life is one of happiness and excitement.

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Just like military training, interview preparation is essential. Most job descriptions include character traits that a veteran already has years of experience with: integrity, leadership skills, discipline, and the ability to work under pressure.

It’s your job to convince the hiring manager at the interview, exactly how you’ll integrate the skills which you have developed whilst serving, in your potential new position. No matter the specifics of the interview, our Conduit Coach will provide you with the right resources and support to help you prepare for and excel in your your next job interview.

Our coaching can be delivered via Skype or (preferably) One to One.

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