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Research shows that interviews, references and application forms are very bad at predicting whether people will succeed. Interviews are particularly dangerous because it is human nature to be hugely influenced by your prejudices, likes and dislikes without realising it. If you think back, you'll remember the great candidate who proved to be a complete disaster. You might even recall the exciting company which employed you and which you left as quickly as you could. Let's not forget that recruitment is two way! Using tests can never prevent mistakes like this 100%, but they make them less likely.

We use Psychometrics in a variety of ways, including individual profiling for potential candidates or promotion prospects, developing an ideal role profile for the role and then building a bespoke profile and behaviour based interview guide to ensure your recruitment / promotion process is slick and concise (and fair), and of course we assist with personal development, coaching and leadership training by developing individual and team profiles - helping you harness the talent you already have within your organisation!

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Why would a business need a coach?

You would never expect a sports team to win the Cup final without the strategies of a talented and experienced coach, and business is no different. Behind every successful business, you will find a business coach, ready and waiting to mentor you and analyse your business from a completely objective position.

So what can your business get out of coaching? Just as it’s hard to pin down what a baseball coach or piano teacher can offer your child, coaching is as diverse as the people who seek it. Your coach looks at the big picture, blending an astute knowledge of business culture and human psychology to encourage and inspire you to get where you want to be.

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Your Conduit to Recruitment Success!

We coach our Conduit Recruit & Retain system which has been specifically designed to provide our clients with the precise skills they need when it comes to recruiting quality staff and then retaining them.

As always, we do, however recognise that there’s never any easy ‘single, one size fits all’ solution that we can simply apply to every client we do business with, which is why we don't even try to "sheep-dip". We will hone the solution we put forward to you, so it deals with your particular needs in the best way possible, we coach you and your team in everything including, creating job descriptions, writing successful job ads, screening out non suitible candidates, interview techniques and how to structure an induction period, and much more!

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